Your Daily Kit for Managing Incontinence

Your Daily Kit for Managing Incontinence

Living with incontinence means exactly that: living! Just because you may sometimes or frequently experience incontinence doesn’t mean that your life has to stop.

Indeed, with a positive attitude and the right products and accessories, you can often live your life exactly the way you please. And to help you do so, here are some ideas for a daily kit for managing incontinence with confidence.

What to include in your Incontinence Confidence Kit

You could call this a survival kit, but we prefer to call it the Incontinence Confidence Kit. Here are some ideas for things you may choose to include in yours:

Incontinence products 

Let’s start with the most obvious item in your kit! Incontinence products give you the confidence to go about your daily activities without worrying about embarrassing leaks or smells. 

Anti-bacterial hand gel

Need an urgent trip to the loo but worried about the cleanliness of public toilets? A pocket-sized bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel will ensure you’re never caught out.

Spare pair of underwear

With the right incontinence pads you won’t need these. But if it makes you feel more confident, pack a spare pair of underwear in case of any unexpected accidents.

Scented disposable bags 

If you do have an accident, or you need to dispose of a used incontinence pad, then scented disposable bags will come in handy.


Okay, so this suggestion isn’t strictly incontinence-related, but what fun would any kind of survival kit be without chocolate? It’s also pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your face if you’re having a bad day.

Swag bag

They're are the perfect home for your Incontinence Confidence Kit. And not only will you be helping contribute to a great cause when you buy one, but no one will ever guess what’s inside!

    So, these are our suggestions for an Incontinence Confidence Kit. What would you include in yours?

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