Discussing Incontinence in Mums and Mums-to-be

Discussing Incontinence in Mums and Mums-to-be

Creating, carrying and delivering a baby is a miraculous achievement. But what can feel less miraculous are the changes to our bodies.

Our bodies can look and feel very different once we become a mum – a fact that can take some coming to terms with – and one of the biggest new changes many mums have to face is stress incontinence after pregnancy.

But if you do find yourself experiencing incontinence during or after pregnancy, please be reassured that it’s not the end of your life as you know it.

Incontinence is far from an ‘old lady problem’. Nor is it something to be ashamed of. Seven million women across the UK are living with incontinence, and many of them are mums and mums-to-be. There are also positive actions you can take to take control of your situation and continue to live your life without worry.

Take control of incontinence

Like many things in life, the more you understand something, the more empowered you’ll feel, and the more practical options you’ll have. For example, did you know that there are many different types of incontinence or multiple causes? And whatever type you have, there’s always a way to manage it and live with confidence.

Speak to your doctor

Even if you only experience small leaks, speak to your doctor. They’ll identify what type of incontinence you have and will be able to give you advice on treating and managing it.

Start keeping a diary of your incontinence, too. Record any food and drink you consume and the timing, frequency and urgency of your incontinence. This will help you and your doctor identify any patterns and triggers.

It’s also a good idea to speak to friends and family you trust. There’s no taboo in having incontinence, and you may be surprised at how many people you know are also living with the condition. Just sharing your worries is often a relief.

Make simple lifestyle changes

There are some small, simple lifestyle changes that can make a big difference in improving incontinence. Cutting down on diuretics like tea, coffee and alcohol, practising pelvic floor exercises and maintaining a healthy weight can all help to reduce the symptoms.

It’s also important to find the right incontinence products. There’s a huge range of products to choose from today – from pads to Active-Fit Underwear – that mean you don’t need to limit your activities. Even activities like trampolining and Zumba are still possible and today’s incontinence products are so well designed that you don’t need to worry about leakage . They’re so comfortable and discreet, you’ll often forget you’re wearing them too.

Take back control

With knowledge and positive action you can stop worrying about incontinence and start enjoying the life you want, replacing words like ‘embarrassed’ and ‘ruined’ with ‘confident’ and ‘empowered’. Isn’t that much better?

Start taking control of your incontinence today. Explore our range of specially designed products to find the right fit for you.