7 Things You Can Still Do When You Have Incontinence

7 Things You Can Still Do When You Have Incontinence

Living with incontinence doesn’t have to mean giving up the activities you love. Millions of people around the world with incontinence are going about their everyday activities – and enjoying plenty of extraordinary activities too – without a worry.

All you need is a bit of confidence, knowledge and the right incontinence products. So, to inspire you to keep living your best life, here are seven ideas for things you can still do:

  1. Adventurous travel – with the right incontinence products protecting you, you can trek up Machu Picchu, ride camels across the desert or board a whale watching boat without a care in the world.
  2. Sport – did you know that over 29% of elite athletes have urinary incontinence? So don’t let stress urinary incontinence put you off playing the sports you love. Our Active-Fit Underwear smoothly flexes with your body for a perfect secure fit, meaning that even the most vigorous activity no longer has to be off limits.
  3. Dancing – modern incontinence pads are designed to give you all the protection you need, while being slim enough to wear under the slinkiest dress. So dance away!
  4. Sex – there's no need to let incontinence impact your personal life. Open up to your partner about any worries you may have about intimacy, and any protection you may require. If they’re caring and compassionate they’ll want you to feel comfortable and confident.
  5. Swimming – while it’s never okay to pee in the pool, we just want to dispel the incontinence myths that pools have a chemical that changes the colour of the water if any leaks out. They don’t.
  6. Rock climbing – with the physical exertion and stretching involved, it’s easy to assume that your rock climbing days are over if you’re living with incontinence. But Active-Fit Underwear puts even the most ambitious peaks within reach.
  7. Flying long haul – don’t write off long haul travel. Ask for an aisle seat close to the toilet if you’re likely to need to go suddenly, and ensure you’re wearing quality incontinence pads that will give you both protection from leakage and comfort.

This list is far from exhaustive. But the point we really want to get across is that life doesn’t have to stop when you’re living with incontinence. All the ambitions you have, and the activities you used to love are still open to you. The only limit is your imagination!

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